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Specialties of Shipcontrol Sp. z o.o. are:

  • Complex inspections in Ro-Ro and Container transports.
  • Complex inspections of steel products.
  • Draught Surveys.
  • Inspections of quantity, condition and quality of fresh tropical fruits and bananas.
  • Inspections of vehicles in imports and exports.
  • Interchange inspections of Containers and Semi-Trailers.
  • Marking and Re-marking of cargoes in the ports.

The scope of Shipcontrol's services is moreover continually expanded for new cargo, transport and marine survey types and at present it includes:

  1. Concerning general cargo and semi-bulk cargo:
    • Inspection of quantity
    • Supervision of weighing of cargoes- on weighbridge or railway scales or port's scales
    • Sampling, and quality inspection of cargoes (including Pre-Shipment and Post-Discharging Surveys
    • Stowage and fastening surveys
    • Inspections of condition and transport worthiness of packing
    • Supervision of storage and reloading
    • Identification, supervision of segregation and various inspections of marking of cargoes
    • Writing out of final and preliminary stowage plans

  2. Concerning bulk Cargoes
    • Draft Surveys
    • Supervision of weighing of cargoes- on weighbridge or railway scales

  3. Concerning container and Ro-Ro transport
    • Inspection of outer condition and cargo worthiness of containers
    • Tally, condition and quality inspections of cargoes in container transport
    • Seal inspections + sealing of containers and means of transport
    • Stowage and fastening inspections for containerized cargoes

  4. Transport and technical surveys
    • Stowage and fastening surveys -including those concerning heavy lifts and space cargoes
    • Hatch surveys
    • Inspection of condition of average and damaged cargoes - aiming at ascertaining of the cause and extent of damage
      Inspections of ship's holds - i.e.- their cleanness and cargo worthiness
    • Sealing and unsealing of Ship's holds
    • Sampling - according to specific orders or - if not specified - according to standards or Law
    • Analyses - performance of physical, and chemical tests - according to dispositions of our principals
    • Consultancy on transport, stowage, fastening of cargoes
    • Adjustment of magnetic compasses
    • Trimming classifications of ship's holds
    • Inspection of condition of Ships machinery and equipment
    • Inspections of condition of ships- including ("On-, Off-Hire Surveys/ Bunker Surveys")
    • Various other kinds of surveys